Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The day I painted my son's nails

So, today I painted T's nails. The world did not fall out of orbit, he didn't say he wanted to be a serial killer, I painted his nails. When I was growing up I fought with my parents a lot. Mostly the fights were about my clothes or my makeup, or why I wanted to be in drama. I always told myself and my kids that I won't fight about self expression. The rule is "as long as your boobs and your butt are covered I don't care what you wear." C apparently doesn't have the same philosophy. That said, I think it is mostly out of concern for T. He gets picked on at school and C is worried that having black nails will cause him to get beat up. I asked T if he worried about this, and he said " I don't care." now it could be different tomorrow afternoon if he gets beat up or something, but I honestly don't think it will happen. I just want T to be happy in his own skin, and right now he's not. So what do you all think? Are black nails the beginning of a downward spiral??


  1. My son goes to school with his nails painted all the time. And often wearing gender inappropriate clothing.

    If he gets picked on, I don't hear about it. I think a lot of the "bullies" are afraid of him. Probably because he hangs out with a bunch of wiccans. In our fundamentalist area, they are absolutely terrifying.

  2. I wish T could figure out which group of kids he wants to hang out with. Right now there is only one particular kid and I don't know that that is enough to keep the bullies at bay. But thanks for the news that my kiddo isn't the only one!! :)

  3. My 9 yr old wears black nail polish and has had a purple, a pink, and a green mowhawk. Individuality is what makes the world interesting.