Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Fairy Princess has found her temper!!

So I often tell the story of how happy the Fairy Princess is. She is the youngest of 4 children and she frequently has to go along to get along. I just thought that every youngest child was this way, but I am told by my friends that this is not often so.

On to my story... The Fairy Princess is now going through her terrible two's. Now some of you may remember, she just turned 7. Not two people, s.e.v.e.n!!! How do you find the terrible two's at the age of 7? I love the baby, we all do, she is normally just a giant ball of sunshine. But she turned 7, and the next day, the demon child appeared. She has now decided that it is perfectly alright to scream, cry and stomp her feet. Today C put her in the corner, and then sent her to her room to clean it. I came home, room is still not clean, back to the corner she went.

It really is kind of funny, but at the same time, C and I are both like WTF???? Where did this child come from, and can we please have the happy Princess Fairy back???

BTW, Let me know if you see a 7 year old wandering down the highway with her thumb out. It might be the original Fairy Princess who has lost her way!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

All moved in, now why can't I get comfortable??

I know the answer to the question by the way, it takes a long time to get comfortable. I wasn't comfortable at my last prison over night, and it won't happen over night here either. But, to all of you who read my site, it would be really nice if someone has some words of wisdom or comfort that isn't "Oh Becca, you're so smart, you'll fit just fine."

Anyway, we are officiallyh moved in and I am still really tired, and the internet connection in this house sucks the life out of me every time I move a different direction!!

I am still trying to get used to work, my children are now alllll in school. I say that because the Diva has apparently been missing a required immunization for 6 years and Mississippi County caught it. Not 6 months, but 6 years people. So, she didn't get to start for a week after T. The Fairy Princess started today too, and she had the most awful day (according to the 6 year old) in her whole life...

So, I had a slight meltdown and told them that I couldn't handle hearing any more complaints about us moving down to bfe, and that if we could just all please suck it up I would be incredibly happy. So, the worst mother in the world award goes to yours truly!

Hopefully I'll find my sanity soon, because I need to just feel normal again and this going round and round in my own head is making me tired. Oh so tired.....