Friday, October 30, 2009

Tattoos and bellies!!

So, in honor of Aunt Becky (mommywantsvodka) and Sylvia and Bianca (The Zaftig Chicks) I am putting up a pic of my tattoo and mah belly (kind of.)

I chose the ribbon because really? why not have a rainbow ribbon on my body. Ladybugs are my all-time fave bug of course. The Diva calls me the little, lellow, ladybug. And, of course, it has the Irish clover at the bottom because I must insert my Irish roots wherever I go. I also put someone's initials on there because she is very near and dear to my heart. And then...she cried! I think all in all it is a success. So, dear internets, do you all have any tattoo pics you would like to share? Or belly pics? I'll take either, I'm not picky!

Oh, and if you are looking for some awesome sights visit Aunt Becky or the Zaftig Chicks 'cause they rock!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am still here, and an update on C!

So, I haven't been here in almost two weeks. Ack, the pain!! I love blogging, I just ran out of time with the birthday party for the Diva and trying to find the gumption to work while at work and worrying my butt off about my wife.

The Diva's party was wonderful, the boyfriend who isn't a boyfriend and his parents and the rest of his siblings (run-on much, I KNOW!!!) went to mexican and then bowling. I think she loved it, and we actually got a pic of her and the boy smiling (talk about labor intensive.)

C went to the workman's comp doctor again on Tuesday. For those of you that don't know, she wrenched all of the tendon's in her elbow while trying not to fall down the stairs of the tower at work about 6 months ago. Two cortisone shots later and four weeks of stupid physical therapy, she is still in pain. She had to recertify for the firing range on Thursday and Friday. By Friday when they qualified on the pistol, her supervisor had to hold the damn holster so she could get the pistol out and fire. So, she told the doc all that yesterday, and he said well the only thing left is surgery.

She said okay, which shocked me because she hates surgery and hospitals and all that crap. I guess that means she hurts worse than she tells me, which means she is in more pain than anybody knows. And still...people at work seem to feel she is faking it. So, there you have it internets, I am worried for her but if she doesn't do this the damage may be permanent. If it isn't already because they have waited sooooo long. What do you think?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to school, yippee!

So today, after a whole week off due to upper respiratory illnesses, all 4 of my children will be heading back to school! Thank the Gods above for small miracles, because I really am very (VERY) tired of the bitter, angry, bitch at each other for 24 hours a day, children that have kidnapped their ickle little bodies.

Really... being trapped in a hourse with 4 children who are sickly, fever ridden critters makes you a much better woman than I. Woman, thy name is C! She is awesome, because I seriously would have been committed by now. I am ready to send them all packing to the nearest military school after just the weekend with them. So, to all of you who stay home, or spend an inordinate amount of time with your critters on a daily basis, I say thank you from all of us who would have probably left them somewhere rather than listen to the bitching! (I kid, but REALLY!!!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gone, but not forgotten

Today is the 11 year anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard. He was 21 years old, a beautiful young man, and he died because of the hatred of a few men his own age.

Matthew was born December 1, 1976 and died October 12, 1998. He was attacked after accepting a ride from two men on the evening of October 6. He was found tied to a fence post outside Laramie, Wyoming eighteen hours later after being pistol whipped and left for dead. Severe head injuries eventually cost Matthew his life.

I have watched the Laramie project, which is a good idea (I believe) for anyone who is just coming out. There is supposed to be a sort of Laramie redux, for the ten year anniversary, coming out soon. The gentleman who did the latest interviews spent a good deal of time with one of the men found guilty in Matthew's death. He admitted that he is the poster-child for hate crimes in the U.S. He also stated that he did not want to get out of prison, that there was no place for him in the world.

Ten years ago if you had asked me if the men who attacked Matthew should have died, I would have undoubtedly said yes. Today, after almost 5 years in the prison system, I don't know anymore. Part of me wants to spend year after year locked in a cell for 23 hours a day, simply because they took Matthew away from his parents and everyone who loved him. The other part of me doesn't believe that rehabilitation is possible for men like this.

It is not my intent today to be sad, or angry for Matthew or his family. Today it is my intent to lift up the life of this beautiful young man taken from us far too soon. Please let someone you know (gay or straight) that you love them no matter who they are. That they are important in someone's life, who knows you and I could make a difference today!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

More fall cooking!

This weekend I am making apple butter in the crockpot (thank you very much, and apple fritters! I can't wait until I wake up in the morning and the whole house is filled with the smell of apple-y goodness.

My mama didn't make these kind of things while I was growing up, although she does make some kick-butt (!) fried chicken, lasagna, and german chocolate cake. I want my girls to grow up with a good sense of how to make their families happy. While I am definitely not one of those ladies who is submissive and compliant, I do want my family to know I put my best on the table for them everytime I can.

On a more somber note, no promotion for me...this time around. I took my day to be pissed off and hurt over it, and I am okay now. I feel like it really must be a 'third times a charm' kind of thing for me. We'll see, I don't know when there will be another spot open for me to interview but I'll be ready!!

*P.S. Do any of you have favorite recipes that your mama's made for you? I always love remembering my mama and my mawmaw (grammy) cooking for all of us when we were kids.

P.P.S. Go Colts, Go Cowboys, Go RedSox!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am soooo oooold!!

So today I was wandering through a part of the prison and found an offender...standing in the doorway smoking a cigarette! I couldn't believe it!! I'll be honest, I smoke. There are days I wish I didn't, but I still do. We are not allowed to smoke in our offices (duh!), so I follow all the pidly little rules they seem to add to daily.

However... I am not going to stand there and let an offender smoke in a doorway, when I can't smoke in my office. No way, not gonna happen! So, I took his ID and went to write the violation and discovered he was born in 1988. He is only 6 years older than the Diva. Isn't that just awful? Why am I re-raising an entire generation of society's forgotten children? Oh, I remember... sometimes some (not all) parents just don't give a rat's ass. That is my rant for the day!

**p.s. Does it say something about how old I really am that I can't watch the Diva and all her little cheerleading buddies do the booty shakin' cheers? I just can't do it...I know she's 14, but still she will always be a little one to me. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

H1N1 is making me paranoid...

SO... I have been told that two or three children at my kiddos school have H1N1. I am seriously considering taking my smallest child out of school and putting her on lock down!

One of C's friends just lost her daughter last week. They believe that she had H1N1 and they also believe that her asthma made it harder for her to fight off. It scares the piss out of me, I'll be honest. There aren't many things that do it for me, but anything that threatens the life of my children ratchets up the fear factor a notch or two.

I honestly don't know what to do, the vaccine (injectable) won't be here for a few weeks, and then only at the health department. My eldest and smallest need it most because they both have asthma. The Diva wouldn't stay at home for anything, especially if she isn't sick yet. Oh, and according to everything I've read the eldest and smallest can't take the H1N1 mist (up the nose) because of the asthma. Ack!! What is an overly-paranoid mama to do at this point? Any ideas??

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yes, I do cook dammit!

I very rarely cook during the summer. Quite frankly, I hate it. I would much rather let C grill something while I make macaroni salad and lots of fresh veggies.

Yet another reason I love fall is that I get to start cooking again. This weekend I am making chicken and dumplings with homemade bread. C is sick, she sounds miserable, so this should help some. Tomorrow I am making nothing (yet another wake), and Monday (Yep, still part of my weekend, Yeah ME!!) I am making ham and beans. I can't wait. I love fall days, the football on the screen (go UGA!!), and the smell of freshly baked bread. Nothing beats it. So, do you all cook or I the only one left on the planet??

*RIP John. One of my very best friends' dad passed on Wednesday with the same cancer that killed my dad. 3 months to the day people, this really sucks!!