Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am still here, and an update on C!

So, I haven't been here in almost two weeks. Ack, the pain!! I love blogging, I just ran out of time with the birthday party for the Diva and trying to find the gumption to work while at work and worrying my butt off about my wife.

The Diva's party was wonderful, the boyfriend who isn't a boyfriend and his parents and the rest of his siblings (run-on much, I KNOW!!!) went to mexican and then bowling. I think she loved it, and we actually got a pic of her and the boy smiling (talk about labor intensive.)

C went to the workman's comp doctor again on Tuesday. For those of you that don't know, she wrenched all of the tendon's in her elbow while trying not to fall down the stairs of the tower at work about 6 months ago. Two cortisone shots later and four weeks of stupid physical therapy, she is still in pain. She had to recertify for the firing range on Thursday and Friday. By Friday when they qualified on the pistol, her supervisor had to hold the damn holster so she could get the pistol out and fire. So, she told the doc all that yesterday, and he said well the only thing left is surgery.

She said okay, which shocked me because she hates surgery and hospitals and all that crap. I guess that means she hurts worse than she tells me, which means she is in more pain than anybody knows. And still...people at work seem to feel she is faking it. So, there you have it internets, I am worried for her but if she doesn't do this the damage may be permanent. If it isn't already because they have waited sooooo long. What do you think?


  1. My husband had that elbow tendon surgery. It worked like a charm and he's glad he had it done.

    Getting a second opinion is never a bad idea, but you can't walk around with an elbow that doesn't work for the rest of your life.

  2. @The Mother-I totally agree. We are limited on second opinions because of the workman's comp laws in this state. I am very glad she is going to get it done, I just hope they do it right! :)

  3. I think surgery is a good option. I know that there aren't a whole lot of things that they CAN do for those sorts of injuries (did you SEE my sexy boot?). Good luck to poor C. Give her a kiss for me.

  4. @Aunt Becky-C said thanks a bunch and kisses right back to you!! We tried all sorts of dumb crap to fix her elbow, but really you are right there isn't much to do! I juat want it fixed, and it is like waiting on pins and needles for the damn workman's comp docs to get back to us with a date!