Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yes, I do cook dammit!

I very rarely cook during the summer. Quite frankly, I hate it. I would much rather let C grill something while I make macaroni salad and lots of fresh veggies.

Yet another reason I love fall is that I get to start cooking again. This weekend I am making chicken and dumplings with homemade bread. C is sick, she sounds miserable, so this should help some. Tomorrow I am making nothing (yet another wake), and Monday (Yep, still part of my weekend, Yeah ME!!) I am making ham and beans. I can't wait. I love fall days, the football on the screen (go UGA!!), and the smell of freshly baked bread. Nothing beats it. So, do you all cook or I the only one left on the planet??

*RIP John. One of my very best friends' dad passed on Wednesday with the same cancer that killed my dad. 3 months to the day people, this really sucks!!


  1. ooohhh...chicken and dumplings and homemade bread?!?! Will you marry me too? Puhlease? And ham and beans?? Bestill my beating heart. I LOVE LOVE homemade chicken and dumplings. Unfortunately, Gunman dislikes chicken with a passion and really dislikes chicken and dumplings, so I rarely make it anymore.

    I am sorry to hear about your best friend's dad. That is so sad to hear.

  2. Mmmmm I cook about half the time... but if you want to cook for me, you're MORE than welcome. So sorry about your dad, and your friend's.

  3. I cook. My boys cook. Hubby CAN cook, but rarely does.

    Friday, my boys (collectively) cooked Shabbat dinner for my birthday--I had an amazing steak tartare (yes, I know, that's not really cooking, but it does require superior knife skills, which I (ahem) taught them), caesar salad, crusty bread, followed by a chocolate bourbon pecan pie.

    Am I lucky, or what?

    (Now, if I could only teach any of them to clean up the kitchen...)

  4. @Ilexa- I am so sad for you that Gunman doesn't like chicken and dumplings. I only make it about twice a year 'cause it really is too much work. Tracey isn't my best friend, that would be C's area, but he is just about my favorite boy.

    @Belle-I really only cook on the weekends, the weeks are the Diva's territory. She makes some kickin' hamburger helper!

    @The Mother- you are super lucky! C can cook really well, but she rarely does. The Diva has a limited skill set so far, but she is working on it. And, happy birthday! :)