Friday, October 30, 2009

Tattoos and bellies!!

So, in honor of Aunt Becky (mommywantsvodka) and Sylvia and Bianca (The Zaftig Chicks) I am putting up a pic of my tattoo and mah belly (kind of.)

I chose the ribbon because really? why not have a rainbow ribbon on my body. Ladybugs are my all-time fave bug of course. The Diva calls me the little, lellow, ladybug. And, of course, it has the Irish clover at the bottom because I must insert my Irish roots wherever I go. I also put someone's initials on there because she is very near and dear to my heart. And then...she cried! I think all in all it is a success. So, dear internets, do you all have any tattoo pics you would like to share? Or belly pics? I'll take either, I'm not picky!

Oh, and if you are looking for some awesome sights visit Aunt Becky or the Zaftig Chicks 'cause they rock!!


  1. I keep telling myself that if I just get that last 20 pounds off, I'm going to get a navel piercing.

    That's about as out there as us old fogies get.

  2. @ The Mother-I had my belly button pierced before I had children, but I didn't have it done professionally and it didn't work out well while I was pregnant. You can't be that oooolllld (as my son would say), you have kiddos only a bit older than mine!!

  3. That is SO COOL. I adore lady bugs and those are really adorable.

  4. @Aunt Becky-thanks! My next one is going to be a small blue star on the inside of my left wrist. I can't wait!! :)

  5. Yay for super hot bellies!!!


  6. @Bianca-thank you soooo much for visiting my site, I love how you ladies roll!! :)