Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look @ me, all technologically advanced!

So, I got an iPod touch ... And it has taken me about a month to figure out how to use it. I wish I could post more often, but with kids and work and work dogs I am busy beyond anything I ever imagined. The dogs are doing well, with the average amount of beurocratic bs you'd imagine. Keep your fingers crossed, I am hoping for success!


  1. Love my iPhone. Still can't do half the things I know it does. But it's a great time killer when I'm stuck waiting on a kid.

  2. I just got rid of my iPhone for a Droid. We had crappy AT&T reception in our home. I still miss it.

  3. @ the mother and faiqa-I just have a touch but it is my favorite toy in a long time! Bejewelled rocks!