Saturday, May 1, 2010

I survived the great dress search of 2010!

I am officially Superwoman, just so y'all know! I just spent the better part of 5 hours at two different malls and Davids Bridal (David can suck it!!) with 4 girls aged 15, 11, 9, and 6!!

So, I must be Superwoman, or I will have to admit I've fallen off the crazy train and need a straight jacket right.frickin'.now!! Anyway, after all of that we have a dress and shoes for the same price as the dress alone at David's Bridal (makes sense, the sucking, now doesn't it??) The Diva has tried on every pink dress Macy's has for sale this year, except the overly long obviously-prom dress types.

She finally found the same dress for $70 less, and decided that she really did like that dress after all.

So, I'm home with three girls and a boy and am going to turn in and take a much needed vicodin. No, I didn't lose a girl...she went back to her own house to sleep. I had traded T for a neighbor girl because he didn't want to go to the mall with 4 girls. I understand now why he didn't want to go...


  1. Your son didn't want to shop for prom dresses?

    I have one who woulda gone.

  2. @the Mother- maybe when it's the 11 year olds turn, he'll be more interested. He doesn't get along that well with the Diva...