Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two children graduate tomorrow...I feel Ooooooold!

I am not going to talk about how I feel ancient today, no I am going to avoid the fact that I feel Ooooolld right now. No one ever told me that I was going to have one in eigth grade and one in kindergarden at the same time.

Tomorrow, the Diva (8th) and the Fairy Princess (K) graduate. They are both going to wear pretty dresses (only one of which I had to pay for) and pretty shoes, and do their hair. They are both going to sing (??) comes the ignorant part! The Diva (remember I said 8th) graduates at 9:00 am tomorrow. Why?? Because then they have a bowling party field trip after that. Again why?????? Oh yeah, so the Diva and the Boy (boy-friend??) could tell both sets of parents that they don't want to go bowling. Especially not in the new dress (yes, I bought another DAMN dress.) So, I guess they expect me to make her go sit in a classroom and watch a movie while all of her friends go to the stupid bowling alley (the same one that does not carry shoes in the Boy's size.) Well...that is not going to happen my friends. We are going to take her to lunch and give her flowers, and come home and nap.

Then, when the other three kiddos get off the bus, I will get up and re-bathe the Fairy Princess and do her hair and put her dress on. Then I will take her to her Kindergarten graduation at 6 pm. Personally, I think they did this whole mess backwards.

So, think of me tomorrow when I have to re-do my makeup to go to the second graduation of the day, where I will undoubtedly cry harder. And think of the Fairy Princess, who told me the other day that all she wanted for graduation was her Grandpa. We all still miss him so much, but it is hardest on the baby. I wait with baited breath for the next big step...

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  1. Try having one graduate from college, and see how old you feel. Mazel Tov.