Thursday, April 29, 2010

C really is a Vampire Princess!!!

So, C decided to go to the doctor as she has been sick (cough due to cold, anyone???) for a minute now. That is an offender minute by the way, not an irl minute, so it could last from 20 minutes to 49 years. Just so you know...

Anyway, the doc was concerned so he ordered blood tests and we got the results yesterday. She, my lovely wife, is... Vitamin D Deficient!! Apparently the numbers on an average human should run between 50 and 100. While C is hovering at 5.6. Not 46, but 5.6!! I have never even heard of someone being Vitamin D deficient, so I really never knew that it could make you sick. Like, really, really don't want to get out of bed, look like a truck ran over you sick. Apparently, that is exactly what happens.

So now she has to take some gel tab thing once a week for a helluva long time, and then we get to go back and re-draw her blood. By the why drawing her blood is like looking for a needle in a haystack, or something equally difficult. 3 years ago it took 5 chemo nurses 11 sticks for 9 tubes of blood just to find out she has some random clotting disorder. Fun stuff huh???

I am so looking forward to having to force her to take meds to fix this little issue...NOT!! And, the Doc says something bizarre about how she is not absorbing the Vitamin D from the sun like she is supposed to. Well duh...she works evenings. She sleeps in the afternoon, and rarely goes out before dark. Why would this be a problem??

So here's to the princess of darkness, the love of my life!! :)


  1. Okay, since when are vitamins medicine?

    The FDA doesn't see them as medicine, regardless of how much the medical community rails about the issue.

    Vitamins are required. They're little molecules that your body doesn't make, but you need to carry out basic biochemical processes. Vitamin D is essential in making bone and collagen. Most Ob-gyns recommend Vit D supplementation, because those of us who get very little sun and always wear sunscreen don't get enough.

    Make C take them. It won't hurt her. She'll feel a lot better. And her bones won't be brittle as she ages.

    BTW: weight lifting is the other half of protecting your bones. Grab some ten pounders and start lifting.

  2. I probably shouldn't have said medicine, they just required a script for us to get it in the amount they want her to take. I just dread getting her to take a pill of any kind, she has issues swallowing pills

  3. I should definitely have my husband checked out then....he works nights and is run down all the time. Definitely something to look into.

    Hope C feels better soon!