Monday, April 19, 2010

Why are some things not as important??

So, being a good lesbian blogger (oh sorry, are you surprised??) I try to engage my partner whenever I can. When I see a good conversation starter I tell her about it, or ask her opinion. I have asked her several times recently because a friend of mine (Sasha) is a great conversation starter.

Sometimes if I want to leave a comment on another site that I think C might feel would compromise her (or our) privacy, I will ask her if it is okay. Most of the time she simply says she doesn't care. BUT... if I want to put pics up of our children, then she gets all bent about it. I guess that is what I don't understand. If it's okay for me to share intimate details about our personal lives with a person whom I consider a friend, but don't *know* in *real life*, then why is it not okay for me to share details about our children?? I don't really want to show their faces, but I think it would be cool to put certain things on this page.

I feel obligated to ask her,'s her life too, but I don't think I want to know the answer sometimes. She doesn't care about blogging in general, or mine in specific most times. I, on the other hand, feel like I've built some really good friendships (in a loose sense) out in the great wide web. Do you all ever have this issue?? How do you, *I*, resolve it? I can't force her to care about everything I do, because hello...I'm never going to care how a car goes together, but it would be nice if I could share this with her more often. Any thoughts???


  1. I blog anonymously, so I don't have to worry so much about what I say about the family.

    But...I still won't say anything compromising. It's not appropriate. Period.

    Although I did call my husband an old dog on my blog today. He seems to think it was funny. So far.

  2. I ask my GF before I post pics of her. We don't have kids, but she doesn't have a problem with my posting pics of the nephews.

    I'm fortunate that she attended a blog meet up with me and got to know several of my blog friends. That helped a lot.

  3. I used to blog anonymously but as I grew closer with people, it was only natural that I share the more intimate details as far as names, ages, etc go.

    Now it's really hard not to call them by their names, etc.

    I post their pictures every now and then but I also have a tendency to forget that anyone can see my blog, not just my friends.

    Honestly though....I don't think I have ever asked my husband's opinion on anything I've ever posted. Oops.

  4. I tend to be an open person. Sometimes I tend to share a little too much information. I need to remember that anyone can read a blog. As long as I don't post our address or phone number, my husband is pretty much ok with whatever I feel the need to share :)

  5. In terms of sharing something she isn't interested in: I generally have the same problem. Gunman isn't the least bit interested in my knitting unless I am knitting something for me to wear that he thinks is 'hawt!'. I generally am not interested in the least bit about the guns (hence his name) that hold his fascination. But I do try talk to him about target shooting, hunting, even the occasional gunpart that he thinks he needs.

    I think it is important you each have interests that are YOUR OWN. That said, I think it is equally important that even if you don't share the interest (my knitting, Gunman's guns), you can still chat a little with your partner about the interest and show that even if you aren't interested in the ACTIVITY, you are still interested in your partner. If that makes any sense at all. And it probably doesn't help either.


  6. Well, my gosh ladies!! I certainly didn't think I would have gotten this many responses, but I am so pleased!!

    @The Mother-I know what you mean, I don't post anything compromising. I do tend to be more open than C is...

    @Syd- I think C would shoot me if I attempted to put her on here, but she is ok with her pic being on facebook...go figure!!

    @Sheila-that is precisely (sp??) what C worries about, is that an offender or offender family member will find this and use it against us (or attempt to.)

    @Becky- This is one of the few places I can be as open as I want to, surely can't be this way at work, lol!! :)

    @Ilexa- We have a lot of things that are our own, I think I just wish there was more that was us...besides the kiddos and work!! That said, I am always grateful for the differences, C balances my special brand of craziness well!! :)