Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why the Real L Word really SUCKS!!

Ok, so I watched the show last week and was not impressed. However, being the judgemental, hateful bitch that I can be I thought I'd give Ms. Chaiken another chance.

All that being said, this show totally blows!!! First scenario...One of the couples, Rose and Natalie, go out for their 7 month anniversary. While Natalie is definitely (maybe) wrong for bringing up babies and marriage this early, Rose definitely wins the douche award for saying "Cheers to my love, you are lucky you have it." WTF????? Ok, you are allowed to believe that you are lucky or blessed to be receiving the love of your partner, but you are most definitely not allowed to be hyper-obsessed with your worth on this planet!

Second scenario...Whitney goes out with what has to be her 5th partner in the second show, and then kisses her. Then later she is on the phone with the same girl, while all the while the girl who moved out to LA to be with her is sleeping in her bedroom. And, the kicker, she tells the girl on the phone that she doesn't have the willpower to not hit on her physically. Again W.T.F????? These are not the lesbians in my world.

The other problem I have is that they are all rich, powerful, ego-filled twits with no thoughts of anything but themselves! At least in the other L Word we could put aside their ego-filled b.s. and focus on the fact that it was fiction! There was a storyline, that was at times drama filled fluff, but at other times was very powerful and touching. I find it hard to believe that every lesbian in LA is successful, wealthy, and powerful. I think there are probably quite a few that are struggling to pay their bills, clothe their children, and work normal jobs every day.

So...here is my rant for the day. Eilleen you can suck it! I will no longer torment myself with this supposed "Real L Word." I had such high hopes... If you are a normal lesbian in LA, or even one of the successful ones, feel free to comment.

p.s. This is one of the primary reasons that the conservative right thinks we do nothing but sleep with all the girls we can find and drink all day long!!


  1. Yes, but a show about normal lesbians who have stable relationships, real lives and any sense of physical and social morality wouldn't be fun to watch, now would it?

    And you ask why I don't watch reality TV.

    Next, they'll do a show on the Real Atheists of Texas (all two of us).

  2. I hate Eileen. HATE her. Despite that, I watched the first episode. That was enough. My hate is justifiable.

  3. @The Mother-I look forward to watching The Real Atheists of Texas, lol!! :)

    @Syd- I truly just should have shut it off after the first 30 minutes, why give it a second chance??