Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey Y'all... GO INDIANS!!!!!

So, I was never a basketball person. All my life I've watched either baseball or football. Oh, and we can ignore those 11 years where I was forced to watch Nascar. Oh the horrors!

Anyway, The Diva is a basketball cheerleader. And the boy who is not a boyfriend (she can't date yet), is a basketball player. So, I have gone to all but two of the games this year, and I *gasp* enjoy it!! The boys basketball team is going to the championship game tomorrow!! Yeah!! And, while I still don't understand all the specifics, I can safely say I enjoy middle school basketball.

So, go team!! Go Diva!! Here's to hoping they win tomorrow!!


  1. Not a sports type. Which is luckily okay, because my kids aren't either. They do truly frown on moms showing up to cheer on debate rounds.

  2. @The Mother-The Diva regularly sticks her tongue out at me when I cheer for her from the stands. Oh well...I always wanted to be one of those moms!!