Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For the record, I am not a people person...

Today I got called on the carpet by my boss for not being a people person. For the record, I am actually very sensitive. If people actually knew how much I worried about whether or not they like me, they would think I was a whiny suck-up.

All of that aside, there is a place for friends and friendliness. If I work in a prison with you, and you are out in the control module the chances of me asking about your boyfriend, girlfriend or your weekend plans are slim to none.

Now, if you need something I will be the first person in line to help you out. I will do whatever I can, donate whatever extra I have, or find someone who can help you if I can't.

I wish people would not assume that because I am about business at work, that I have no heart and no soul. FYI, the offenders don't want to talk to me about their personal issues because I am THE disciplinarian. I am the only one who regularly deals with their violations and places them on restriction, or in administrative segregation. Would you want to go see the principal about your boyfriend issues, if the principal just gave you a month's worth of detention?? Probably not. The inmates also know that I am probably the best one to have on their side if they are having mental health issues or issues with disabilities. Even my supervisors know this. That is why I work in the housing unit I work in. Just please know that I am in a prison every day for 8 to 10 hours to work, not to be friends with the inmates or all the staff.

I do have a heart, I have a soul, and I have cried over these inmates and their lives more than anyone will ever know. I worry about them even when I am at home, just so everyone knows.

An aside... noone I know from work reads this, but I had to vent a little because really! Even when the warden says it doesn't matter what other people think of you, it only matters what your supervisor thinks, it still hurts to be called a bitch at least twice a day, every day!!


  1. You know what? Who cares if you're not a "people person"? I know plenty of "people persons" who are cruel and mean on the inside. It's pretty irritating when people use these terms like there some sort of moral imperative.

    You may not be a people person (I don't even know if that's true), but you have a truckload of other very admirable qualities. It upsets me that those seem to be overlooked in this situation.

  2. When I did work (ahem), I didn't want to hear people whine or dish either. Go in, get it done, move on. Go home to family.

  3. No one wants to be called a bitch. No one. I'm sorry.

  4. Thanks ladies, I appreciate all your comments very much! It becomes apparent that I really am doing a good job when all of my supervisors are pleased with me. I really should learn to live with that.