Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The independent voice of Massachusetts??

So now, there is a new senator in the place of Ted Kennedy. I was never an outspoken fan of Teddy, he was probably one of the Kennedy's I liked the least aside from Joe Sr.

But really??? We had an opportunity to pass healthcare legislation in this country, and the voters of Mass. took it upon themselves to take that away? I know that it isn't healthcare like I would like. I don't know about you all, but I work full time. I work a lot, and I still can't afford all of my children's healthcare coverage. I also make too much (according to Missouri) for the children to qualify for state healthcare coverage. I was really hoping that the public option would remain in effect. I know that it isn't going to happen, but we have to have some kind of change! It should be illegal that children and old people die every year because they are poor. Or, because their parents are the working poor.

People assume that if I am behind a public option then I must be living on state aid, food stamps, etc. Actually it is the exact opposite. I work really hard, I haven't taken a dime of state aid for 10 years, and yet for some reason I can't afford the Fairy Princess and the Diva's $200 a month in meds for their asthma. Oh, and the Diva has an ulcer because she is a worrier, like her mama. C and I don't take the meds we need, or go to the doctor because we have to pay for the kids monthly trips to the doc, and their monthly meds.

Do I sound whiny? I hope not. I hope you will read this and see it for what it is. Someone who is tired of constantly paying into a system that doesn't help me, or the other law enforcement people that I hang out with. Think about that...the people who protect everyone from the offenders, and the offenders from everyone else are the ones doing without. We are the ones without medicine and medical care, we are the ones giving our all to make sure our kids don't do without. I am tired people, tired of seeing no change. President Obama that goes for you too! Do more, argue more, I've done my part. Fight more for the people you profess to care so much about!

That is all...comments??


  1. And if I am against this cobbled together mess of a bill with all of its entitlements and perks (free Medicare for Nebraska for eternity????), they assume I'm a nasty, mean horrid person who doesn't want people to get access to health care.

    The door of public opinion swings both ways.

  2. Agree, agree, and agree and almost agree.

    When people start talking food stamps and welfare with respect to healthcare legislation, I stop listening. And that's saying something because I am a very good listener. But, I can't deal with ignorance. The assumption that people in this country don't have access to affordable healthcare because they aren't working hard enough is just, well...stupid. I'm sorry, but, it is.

    I do have my reservations about this legislation, but it's more because I'm worried about how the government doesn't have an adequate infrastructure in place to manage healthcare.

    STILL. If I were in the Senate today, I would vote for the legislation. Having something is better than having nothing.

  3. @The Mother- I totally understand. I have other friends who are against this bill, and I don't think they are mean or hateful. I just know that my family needs help now, and I want them to find a way to help me. Moreover, I want them to WANT to help me!! :)

    @Faiqa-I also have serious reservations, but now it appears that it will be a non-option soon. I just had such high hopes for this group of people we elected.