Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Between Prison and the Kids...

So, I work in a prison. I am technically a corrections caseworker, however currently I work as a grievance officer wherein I deal with offender (inmate) complaints. I also have four lovely children. Between the prison and the kids I promise I can come up with some damn illnesses that would shock a normal human body.

So far this year I have had some version of the flu twice. The kind that requires tamiflu to get over. This past weekend my partner called on her way home some three hours early. Now she is on light duty, but she still has to go to work every day that she is scheduled. She normally doesn't leave early, but when I asked her what was wrong it was immediately apparent she was having trouble just driving home. She didn't know what was wrong, was just dizzy and feeling sick to her stomach. Sunday morning was worse, she was really sick and she has this really bizarre inability to throw up. God, I wish I had that ability.

It didn't hit me until late Sunday night and I am now on day two of this dreaded stomach flu. When I called in this morning to let them know I wasn't coming in, the lady who answered the phone said she had it all weekend. For those of you that are teachers, imagine 1,100 10 year old children running around all in a confined space. Some of the offenders were never taught to care for themselves properly, some really just don't care about hygiene, and a lot of it is just too many bodies in one location. Sooo, now you know what I do for a living. What a way to find out, heh!

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  1. This is the reason they closed schools when the H1N1 flu was threatening--kids have notoriously poor hygiene. From the studies about prisons and bugs like TB, it wouldn't surprise me that they can pass around flu, too. Hope you feel better soon.