Monday, May 18, 2009

So that's how you stay employed...

Imagine my excitement when I passed the marker that made me eligible for promotion within my field in the department of corrections... After all I had made the fastest promotion the department had seen in a while when I jumped from Mail Room Supervisor (sounds really important, not!) to Corrections Caseworker I.

I was all set to send off my application (this one section isn't available for online apps yet) when I went to my monthly meeting with my boss in February. Then he dropped a gigantic bomb on all of us. The department has unofficially frozen all positions. That means that we cannot transfer, we cannot promote, hell we can't even demote apparently. Currently there are positions above mine state wide that are open. The problem is the state has frozen everything so we can't go anywhere.

When I first took the position of grievance officer I thought I would love it, alone all the time, writing all the time...yeah right! What I failed to realize is that I feed off other people's energy. When everyone else is panicking over 10-49's (fights) or 10-5's (officer needs assistance immediately) I am in rare form. I love it, the adrenaline is a wonderful thing. Coming down isn't so great, but every one has to have a high right? The grievance job is just plain boring most of the time. They moved my office, so now I am in a closet, and I hate it. I absolutely detest it. But, I am stuck here. Now they are saying it might be January before they unfreeze anything.

Most of all, I really would like to experience a REAL prison. I am well aware that the one I work in could most easily be compared to summer camp. We had two escapes in the early 90's, but since then nothing really interesting has happened. I know I should be thankful, I know I should be happy to have a job, but mostly I just want some excitement! Why do I feel this way and how do I change it now?

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