Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Does everyone but me wear pantyliners every day?

So, C. and the Princess went to school together today to watch 'The Video'. This is 'The Video' that discusses the female body and what is going to happen during puberty. I didn't go because I had to work. I really thought The Princess would be okay with it, because I bought her The American Girl's Guide to Your Body and she has been asking questions for years.

Turns out the Princess was embarassed and scared. She is worried about what will happen if it starts at school, or if she is at her dads house. The school nurse also had many things I didn't agree with. She apparently said that you should not swim at all during your period, and the pamphlet they handed out (by Always brand) says you should wear a pantyliner every day. So, I started thinking... does everyone wear a pantyliner every day? That seems unhealthy to me.

When my period started I was home alone from school and my mother had never really discussed it. My mom also thought teenagers should never wear tampons. Fast forward 22 years (wow I feel old), and I still don't like to wear tampons. I am trying to teach my daughters to feel comfortable with their bodies, but I still want them to be healthy. I can't imagine having a pantyliner pressed up against my girly bits all day, every day. It seems uncomfortabe and I worry that it could lead to an infection. But, if the nurse tells them one thing and the pamphlet another, and then she asks me and I tell her something different who is she supposed to listen to?

I even dragged the Diva in to answer questions, because I am a sneaky conniving mom always wanting the girls to get along better. The Diva was helpful and I think The Princess feels better, but I worry that this is the part where I will totally fail at parenting... Any ideas?


  1. The title of this post made me LOL. The answer is NO, btw.

    Our mom's subscribed to the same school of "no tampons for teens". I remember her face when I asked permission to try them. I'm pretty sure she thought I was going to whore around.

  2. As the Diva would say, 'I know, right!' I never worked up the courage to ask my mom, but my sister did. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation.