Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Schooool's out for the summer... oh wait, not yet!

If we all make it through this last week I will be amazed!

We only have this one last week to go, but OMG it seems as though it will never end. The Diva has three days of cheerleading tryouts, the Princess has all kinds of crap during the day for reading counts, the Soldier had his recorder concert last night and Dare graduation and fifth grade graduation today.

If any of you read Mother' you should read the post on kids functions. That post really encouraged my ability to admit that I was overbooked. This does not mean that your children will be happy with you though. The Princess is pissed that I can't miss work for an hour and a half every day so that she can miss summer school to attend swim meets. The Soldier was pissed (he gets over it quickly) that I couldn't go to Dare and fifth grade graduation because I had to work. I in turn feel like I should paint cabbie checks on the roof of my yellow focus.

I wish schools realized that there are parents out there that don't have an option, we have to work. I sometimes wish that weren't the case, but unfortunately I don't know how to do this any other way.

Next week they all start summer school, but at least the after-school functions will be over for the year. Anyone else feeling overwhelmed??


  1. I'm actually sad. I won't see TLF (my nephew) every day in the summer, like I do during the school year.

    I feel for ya though.

  2. Thanks Syd, we just want it to all be over for a while.

  3. I have a senior who has definitely developed spring fever (and it's not the swine flu, although I think my 13 yo might have picked THAT up at soccer). He has actually been HAPPY and FUNNY lately.

    Maybe he's coming down with something real...

    The overwhelmed thing happens to every mother with more than one kid (or even to mothers of one, who frequently feel as though they need to make up for that by cramming their one's schedule). The only remedy is to back off. It won't hurt your child to only do soccer, instead of soccer and baseball, and you get a break.

    Unfortunately, that summer break is WAY too long. As much as I look forward to it every year, I am just as happy when the school year starts.

    So I'm hard to please. Shoot me.

  4. Ours go to summer school so summer break is not soooo long, although I will agree. After two months together the Princess and the Soldier start pissing each other off with their mere presence. Oh well, what can you do?