Friday, August 14, 2009

They like me, they really like me!!

I was having a conversation with my boss yesterday, and he gave me a really nice compliment. He said "I know I don't say it very often, but you do a damn good job. You fixed property for the audit, and you work very hard, and those grievances are awesome!" I said thank you, and then I wished that he would put it on paper in my file.

And then I thought, sometimes it is nice to have positive affirmation. Working in a prison, I don't get that very often. There is always something late, something else that must be done NOW, or some emergency somewhere. The first year I was a caseworker I spent going totally crazy with an egotistical, woman-hating boss. I thought surely I would never make it. And then last year the opportunity came to take this job. I was back with the crazy, micromanaging boss and I really needed a break.

I know that I complain about how boring this job is, but I also know that I am really good at it. And, it will prepare me whenever I can get promoted. But sometimes, you forget that you are good at something. I told my boss last week that I felt like people hate me because I spend so much time creating a shit-storm of paperwork that must be dealt with. Plus, I am aggressive, sometimes overly-assertive, and extremely High-Alpha. So, you all know what this leads to right? That feeling that you will never be the one everybody likes, because you lack a filter on your mouth most of the time. For the most part, I have gotten over the need to be liked. Probably because I lacked a lot of it to begin with.

But occasionally, it is nice to hear good things said about you. And I will take the true compliments wherever I can get them. Because my boss? Yeah, he doesn't hand out the bullshit real well. So if he compliments me, I know I got it right!


  1. I think most people go through their work lives feeling as though they aren't properly appreciated.

    It is nice when we are, though.

  2. Affirmation is a good thing :)

    I can't imagine working in a prison. Kudos for you to keeping your head up.

  3. Getting positive feedback from one of my supervisors really makes my day! Its so rare that its dealt out. Congrats on doing a great job :)