Thursday, August 27, 2009

Band practice, what beautiful music!

School has started, and my children are going to do a wonderful job this year. I just know it!! T (my son) has started band, he is playing the french horn. I was in band forever and a billion years, and I loved every.single.minute. of it. I can't wait to go to his concerts and let them all pierce my ears with their beautiful noises. Because... right now it is just noise. He doesn't know any notes yet, but he can make noise!

The noise is a cross between an elephant and a goose. Sort of a trumpeting sound with a honk thrown in at the end for good measure. C called on her way to work and said "he doesn't know how to play that thing!" Well, no kidding! He has to learn, and the learning is a beautiful thing. So, when I am holding my head during his twenty minutes of practice, someone remind me that learning is beautiful...mmmmkay?

The Diva has also started cheerleading practice so we wander around clapping and head-bobbing randomly. She's so cute!

The Princess wants to join some school counselor group, and the fairy princess officially missed her first day of school due to asthma today. I figure it is just the beginning. We are actually having a normal (read-hectic, crazy) week around here and it feels good! :)


  1. The Goth came home from debate class and announced that he also wanted to do theater.

    Rousing, NOT, said very loudly and carefully, lest it be confused.

    Got nothing against theater, but I do want a kid to have enough time to eat and breathe.

  2. @The Mother-I know, I know!! We had to tell the Princess that she had to hold it down to two. I actually found an ecology club for her that is free, so I am kind of excited about that. I think she will do that and Girl Scouts or the counselor club thing.

  3. My daughter spent a year attempting to learn to play the violin. She hated it, the dogs really hated it. She know occupies her time by writing song lyrics and singing. And our home is much more harmonious :)

  4. @Becky, I am hopeful that he will quickly figure out how to avoid sounding like an elephant-goose. Luckily I have avoided being in the house when he is practicing so far this week.