Thursday, August 27, 2009

Farewell Ted Kennedy

I'd just like to say farewell to the last living Kennedy brother.

I didn't agree with very many of his ideas, but no one can deny that he was, at some points, larger than life. The Princess who loves history and always says her favorite president was JFK said "all the ones I like die." She was very sad, so in her honor I say farewell, I hope he was at peace in the end and surrounded by his family.


  1. I can't say I'm going to miss a guy who left a young woman to drown, went home, and WENT TO BED, only reporting the accident the next day when his relatives wanted to know what happened to his car.

    While atheists are the most reviled group in America, because no one is sure we have MORALS, a guy who was proven by his own actions to have NONE got elected again, and again, and again.

    Sorry, I'm on a Kennedy rant. Just like I was a Michael Jackson rant when he died and everyone sort of forgot that he was a child molester.

  2. @The Mother-I totally understand, feel free to rant away here. My mother and definitely my Daddy would say the exact same thing.

    I was on a Jackson rant for the very same reason, they made t-shirts for that mans death for crying out loud. I was just sickened by all the hype with his death.

    And here I thought teh gays were the ones with no morals. Oh well, I guess we'll just share the revulsion group mmmkay?

  3. I love that "all the ones I like die". I have all of JFKs speeches on CD, he was one of my favorites, too. Ted Kennedy, well... a moment of silence. Truth be told, I don't know much about him (even though, hi, Masters in History) besides what was mentioned in your other comment and that he was the brother of one of the best orators in recent history.

  4. @Faiqa, I know isn't she cute? I think the parts of Ted Kennedy that I will miss was his never-ending fight for healthcare coverage. That's ironic that you have a master's in history, my BA is in history! I also have a minor in polisci and a specialization in criminal justice. :)