Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What pisses you off the most???

For me it is lying. It makes me crazy mad! I do not understand it. I know that most children lie from time to time, but really? WHY???

What is the point? Why do they not understand that they will get caught in the end? What all is considered lying? For instance, I consider forging my signature to be lying. It is the act of signing my name to something so that they (whichever child it is now) can receive full credit. Rather than just remind me that I have to sign the planner, they would rather attempt a sloppy RSA that doesn't look remotely like mine. It infuriates me, and I have now been through two almost teenage children who think it is perfectly ok. I guess all children do it, I know I did. But...I also remember that I couldn't sit down for a few days because my butt hurt that bad. My Daddy made sure it was a lesson I didn't forget.

S0... there is my rant for the day. What do people do that pisses you off the most, dear internets?


  1. Lying makes me absolutely livid. Hm. So do people who stalk me in parking lots for no particular reason. There are always tons of spaces.


    And migraines. I hate migraines.

  2. I remember practicing both my parent's signatures. I can still do them pretty well. However, I don't recall actually going though with it.

    Knowing me, I did. I just don't remember it.

  3. @Aunt Becky-Yup, ditto to all of those things. I especially hate migraines, the bastards!

    @Syd-I practiced my moms regularly. To this day my signature still looks like an extremely large version of hers.

  4. Hmmm, what pisses me off? Indifference, apathy, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, isolationism, xenophobia, unjustifiable prejudice. You know, the regular stuff.


  5. While I do indeed agree that lying is a really, really bad childhood trait, I think forging mom's signature on a daily planner is:a)imaginative, b)a great solution to a really, really stupid student task, and c) a fine way to free mom up from ridiculous school related scut work.

    I have given my kids permission to forge my sig on all that stupid crap. Permission slips NOT included.

  6. I just wrote a WHOLE post on things that piss me off! Sorry you're going through this. I hate lying also.

  7. I hate it when I feel like no one is listening to me...irritates me to no end. (Now what did I say? LOL!!!)

  8. @Faiqua-Yes to all you mentioned, I have a guy at work who is noticeably prejudiced toward one group of offenders and that totally doesn't help!

    @The Mother-My partner, C, has given the eldest to do the same. While I understand and agree on the stupidity of the task, it would have been nice for the middle one to ask rather than just sign.

    @Nel- I will have to read what you wrote. Thanks for visiting my site! :)

    @Ilexa- Yup, that is one of my biggest ones. It also used to lead to the biggest fights with the ex, I never felt like he was listening!

  9. i despise liars and cheats.
    of course, the two go hand-in-hand.
    but above all, i too get pissed when i'm being blatantly ignored.

  10. @Miss MadHatter- I totally understand, I will fight with someone for days (probably) if I feel like they just don't see me.