Friday, September 18, 2009

Dog Shows, almost my very favorite thing!!

So, tomorrow I am taking Elrod to the show at Purina Farms here in Misery. Purina is a wonderful place for a dog show in the fall because it is outside and the air is cool. Granted we have like a 75% chance of showers tomorrow, which will make my silver tipped white bulldog look like a flippin' dalmation, but there you have it!

I am very optimistic, hopefully El can get his first point tomorrow. We haven't shown nearly as much as his Mama Diana shows her dogs, but we have had a tough year. I am hoping that with the new year, we can show a lot more. We are also lucky it is only a confirmation show, so really all he has to do is trot, stand, and look very handsome. I don't think I could ever do rally, I don't have the patience or the time and energy.

So, here's to hoping the boy doesn't act like an ass and I stack him well enough that he wins. AND, I hope Wayne Brower likes my smallish bulldog... all -- pounds of him, if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. If we do well I'll post pics sometime soon.


  1. All I can think of is that movie "Best in Show."

    So now you know how much I know about dog shows.

  2. @The Mother- surprisingly enough, alot of the professional handlers are freakily reminiscint of the actors in that movie.