Monday, September 14, 2009

Football Season is here again!! Yeah ME!!!

So, it is well known in my family that C and I love football. We love all kinds of football!

Specifically, she roots for Dallas and I root for Indianapolis. I know we are really, really weird but it works for us. It is really the only sport we watch together, aside from the end of season baseball. Yesterday was the first of the 'real' football games that we got to see. By 'real' I mean, of course, regular season. We were supposed to see Dallas beat up on Tampa Bay, but here in Misery if you can't get the Rams to play on TV they will do almost anything to avoid showing Dallas.

We watched Cleveland and Minnesota, Seattle vs. St. Louis, and finally Chicago vs. Green Bay. I love watching the Bears and the Packers play football, they do it old school that's for sure! They are on the field name calling, and pounding on each other like football should be.

We have also discovered that we are not capable of avoiding phone calls from friends and family in the middle of our Football Mania. Try as we might, we can never convince them all that we need to have family time on Sunday. Free from interruption. We also realized last night, we are completely screwed!! We have 4 children, there will never be a Sunday without interruption. Why? Oh Why?????

Anyway, pleased to announce that the 'Boys (Dallas for you novices) and the Colts both won yesterday, and all is still right with our world. How about you? Do you have a favorite football team??


  1. I do not speak football. But when hubby made me sit through the season opener for the Texans on Sunday, I learned a new football word:


  2. To The Mother- Your hubby needs to start rooting for a new team. Poor Texans, they always stink!!