Saturday, September 19, 2009

It is a damn communist conspiracy!!!!

I was talking to the Princess on the way back from her new ecology club, when she informs me that now all the kids who have sack lunches have to sit in a whole different section of the lunchroom.

Apparently, this is to cut down on the amount of contamination from those dreaded children who are still bringing peanut products to school. Earlier this year we were told that if the children brought peanut products they would have to sit at a different table and use sani-wipes for their hands and faces when they were done eating.

Now I guess they don't have enough people to be on the lookout for the peanut product children, so they have lumped them all in the same group. WTF????? My smallest critter has not taken pb&j all year, even though she loves it, because I was unwilling for her to be segregated from her classmates. Now, because I cannot afford for all four of my kiddos to eat hot lunch every day, they are still being segregated.
Hot Lunch Kids vs. Sack Lunch Kids.... I think my kids could take them.

This makes me so irritated, I will probably have to make a phone call to the school on Monday. I don't communicate with the school unless I absolutely have to. I follow the rules of The Mother implicitly. But now? They have found one of my easiest buttons to push. Don't punish my kids because they don't have the same amount of money or qualify for the same government programs as everyone else. They didn't do anything wrong. Grrrrr!

So, what do you think? Do I call, or is one of those live and let live moments?


  1. I would call in a heartbeat. No doubt.

  2. I'd call too.

    You know what is odd to me? I never even heard of a peanut allergy until I became an adult. Somehow, every kid in my school survived without all the precautions. Go figure.

  3. It won't work, give it up.

    The peanut allergies are very serious, and what seems like draconian rules are being instated for what they are convinced are humanitarian reasons.

    This is a fight you can't win. If you don't want your kid segregated, you have to bite the cholesterol, saturated fat and ketchup as a vegetable world of hot lunches.

    But I'm guessing the cool kids take their lunches.

    Is your daughter upset? Let her buy her lunch for a week or so and see how things play out.

    I wish I had a real solution, but until a new George Washington Carver comes around to rid us of the DEADLY peanut allergies (yes, I know someone who dropped dead), this one is unwinable.

  4. @Everyone- I probably will not call. The more I think about it, I would probably want the people eating strawberries to stay away from my fairy. Yes, she is that allergic. On top of that, I don't have the money to let them buy their lunch at school every day.

  5. Does she still get to sit with her friends? Or are they on the other side of the room? I would probably call if she was separated from the kids that she wanted to eat with.

  6. Hmmm, tough one. I saw that you decided not to call... If she's upset about it, I suggest making kick ass lunches that will make the cafeteria eaters weep. It's wierd because I remember when I was in high school, it was actually cheaper to eat in the cafeteria than bring your lunch. or maybe it just *felt* that way?