Monday, August 10, 2009

The St. Louis Museum Of Art, A Review...

While the little kids were gone C,The Diva, and I went to the St. Louis Museum of Art. We all loved it! It was free and it was a great way to spend a really (REALLY) hot, bright summer day. Below are a few of my favorite pictures. I'll also take this time to give thanks and all praise to C, she took all the pictures and she did an outstanding job!! I really wanted to put pics of C and the Diva in here, but I was vetoed because of where we work. Enjoy Everybody!!

This is Degas' Dancer sculpture, isn't she beautiful? I have waited my whole life to see these things.

This is Monet's Waterlilies. It is my all time favorite painting. I love it. I have a copy of it on the wall of my office at the prison, and now I have a small copy for our bedroom at home. Looking at this painting gives me a sense of peace daily, and seeing the real piece of art brought tears to my eyes. C found it and took me to it, because I wasn't paying attention and didn't know that it was there.

This is a chinese dog, he looks remarkably similar to our bulldogs at times. I loved being able to see genuine, real pieces. I am amazed that they made it to our day and age as beautiful as they are.

These arches were made by local artists for the All-Star game which was held in St. Louis this year. They had two arches at the museum. I love looking at local artists' work!

This horse overlooks all the ponds and bridges leading up to the museum. I believe that we read that the statue was a present from France. It is just majestic!

C took these pictures in the war room. These are German guns, she absolutely loved this area!!

Remember I said the statue of the horse overlooks the pond and bridges? This is the pond area. I want to come up here whenever C and I actually have a ceremony, and have our pictures taken here. It is one of my favorite spots in ALL of St. Louis!

Our truck is in that parking area. There is a point to this picture, never fear! There are signs that say no parking, but we (The Diva and I) assumed they (whoever they are) meant No Parking on the Street. Scroll down and see how wrong I was!

See the pretty parking ticket I got? See all those other people parked in the area with our truck? The City Of St. Louis made a killing on all of us that day. We looked and of us got a ticket that day. Oh well, live and learn!


  1. I had no idea there were so many famous pieces of art in the St. Louis museum.

    We here in Houston really don't have anything fabulous that isn't on loan.

  2. I love The Dancer. I've not seen it before (I'm neither worldly or cultural).

  3. @The Mother-I am sure these pieces are on loan, I know the Asian and Egyptian pieces are all loaned. I was just in awe to see them up close and personal.

    @Aunt Becky- Isn't she beautiful? I have a picture of the Diva standing next to her with her head back like that, it is gorgeous!