Monday, June 8, 2009

Edward the caveman on Next Food Network Star

I know, I know before you all come running to tell how my brain will turn to goo with too much reality tv... I really only like a few of them. My fave of ALL time is Top Chef, and then there is Next Food Network Star and So You Think You Can Dance.

We tend to watch all of these as our family-time shows. Even the Soldier enjoys all of these, especially the cooking and dancing shows. We were all crowded around the tv waiting to see what Bobby Flay could say to make someone cry this year, when in walks Edward. "Let's leave these ladies to talk about lipstick while we settle in" he says. What??? Is this 1850 wherein all the men leave the room to smoke and drink and the women stay to enjoy needlework?

My favorite moment of the entire episode though has to be when he introduced the rest of his team as "4 pretty girls and one great looking guy." Giada was sitting at her table with the most beautiful look of irritation on her face. I just loved it!

In case you were wondering half the fun of the show is making fun of the people on it, as the Diva said earlier "those ladies are way too happy." Anyone else with a half-goth, half-happy bunny cheerleader girl will understand what is meant by "too happy."

Thank you to all with suggestions for my son, I just needed a lighter post for tonight. I appreciate all the advice.


  1. I can't believe I forgot about this. Gonna try to catch it on rerun this week.

  2. I believe they are showing it again tonight or tomorrow, I am not sure.

  3. That's one of the few I watch, too. Not because I'm going to get any great recipes out of it, but because I just love the look on Alton Brown's or Bobby Flay's face when these guys claim to be chefs. It's funny how clueless they are.

  4. @ The mother- I know the most recent episode had me rolling when Bobby kept rolling his eyes. Hi-larious I tell you!