Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, mama called a while ago and said that the stenosis site (where they sutured the two ends of the intestine back together is still holding. Daddy developed a hole next to where the jackson-pratt port was (that is a tube attached to the incision site), and so the port started leaking fluid.

She says that the surgeon says they won't do surgery right now, but will wait for the hole to close on its own. They are going to insert a pic line tomorrow so they can give him nutrients and do the blood work without having to stick him over and over again.

So, this appears to be a blessing and at least they won't have to take him back into surgery. @ The Mother, I know you understand all of what I just wrote. If it is worse than my mother is telling me please let me know. Sometimes she doesn't tell us all the bad news at once.

Right now, she says he will be in the hospital much longer than Monday b/c they have to wait for this to heal.

Thank you all for your prayers, and please keep my dad in your thoughts. I am going to see Mama later on and pick up her laundry so that she can have come clean clothes. Please pray for her too, she sounds as though she is on her last leg.


  1. I hope your dad's recovery is swift and complete.

  2. @Syd-thank you so much, we value all thoughts and well wishes.