Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why does it always happen at once?

This week my father was diagnosed with colon cancer. My mom has assured me that they are scheduling the surgery and working on scheduling the chemo as quickly as possible. C has been on light duty at work for 2 months as of this Friday. My son is alternating between losing his mind and making me crazy. The Diva decided to start a 14 year old attitude this week, one of the teeth in the right side of my head has decided it needs attention NOW, and to top it all off my ex is now officially 6 months behind in his child support. (Run-on sentence much? I know, I know!)

I just want one month of calm and quiet where I can sleep without grinding my teeth and feeling the need to choke someone. I don't know if my reaction to stress is normal...probably not. I tend to get really, REALLY angry. I can't control all the shit that is going down and so then I micromanage the stuff I can control. All of this leads to me irritating the people around me, which in turn makes me feel bad, which just leads to a round robin of dumb shit.

There has been almost constant chaos in my home since February, C and I both have family members who are sick, the kids are all doing new things and getting older, work is stressful and C is tired of light duty. I just want to go to bed and hide there for the next month. And if I get one more asshat at the child support enforcement bureau, I really will scream (probably while on the phone.) So, I know there is no point to this post, but really I just had to let a little bit of it all out or I may just lose my mind.


  1. I won't bore you with the usual diatribe about how easy it is to get caught up in the cycle.

    Good luck, and take a day off and a few breaths. And maybe a margarita.

  2. Thanks, that margarita sounds gooood!