Monday, June 29, 2009

The nightmare continues...

So, I haven't been on here since Saturday (I think.) My dad had emergency surgery Sunday morning.

They went in and found that he had a five centimeter ulceration on the front of his small intestine that blew out. They think that happened sometime Thursday or Friday night. They repaired that and had to remove the rest of the colon that they left, because when the small bowel ruptured it flooded the abdominal cavity and killed the rest of the healthy colon.

The doc's said at that point he has been living with the ulceration for many, many years and they don't know how there were no signs/symptoms.

Last night his blood pressure crashed several times and they could not get it under control. They transferred him to a larger hospital and began using meds to try and keep him out without affecting his blood pressure. He is on a ventilator.

When they got him to the new hospital, they discovered that he had formed a clot where the fork is to go down to the femoral arteries in the legs. This cut off circulation to his right leg and it had already started to become necrotic.

My mama's pastor specifically asked the surgeon what would happen if they left it, and he told both of them it would kill him. So, at 5:30 this evening they amputated my daddy's right leg above the knee (way above the knee.)

He came out of surgery at around 6:30, but as my mama says "How long can it take to cut off a man's leg?"

Daddy is still critical, but they have said that his blood pressure is better than it has been all weekend. I am asking for prayers that we will have kidney function by tomorrow. Right now they are estimating that there has been absolutely no function since Saturday evening. They are supposed to be starting dialysis this evening, once they get the second central line that they can dedicate to that in.

I know that I don't know you all very well, and that I have probably said too much. I am just so scared that he won't wake up, or that there will be another problem. I told C this morning, it feels like a nightmare I can't wake up from. Every time I wake up something else happens. Thank you for letting me talk about this here, because I am so tired and I am sure everyone else is tired of hearing about it.

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