Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I detest other people's kids...or why Asthma sucks!

The Cookie Queen has asthma, and she just started summer school last Thursday. Friday she came home coughing a little bit and by Monday afternoon she was white as a sheet and wheezing so loud C could her coming in off the bus.

I took her to the doctor this morning, and here is why I waited until Wednesday... We never know what is going to happen. The most likely scenario is that she caught a cold from some other germ-infested rugrat on her first or second day at school and brought it home with her. Where any other normal child might just catch a cold and have a snotty nose for a couple of days, the Cookie Queen can have a variety of responses to germs.

She could just get a normal cold (what we were hoping for), she could have a couple of asthma attacks on Friday or Saturday and be fine by Monday (the second choice), or she could get an ear infection and have multiple episodes until this morning when I finally acknowledge that she is REALLY SICK and MUST go to the doctor immediately (what actually happened.)

My asthma was actually worse than hers when I was little and I have been blessed enough to not have severe problems as an adult, but with CQ and the Diva we have to fight every year to get them all the way through school. The Diva missed 15 days this year, and then we had to fight with the school about the absenses b/c we just can't always afford to take her to the doctor for an asthma attack. And really, not every attack requires a trip to the doctor. So, this is my giant gripe for this afternoon...I would really like for the Cookie Queen to enjoy school, but damn people quit sending your snotty children in the path of my baby.

p.s. I know children get sick every day and CQ is no different
p.p.s. I just am so tired of fighting to keep her well.
p.p.p.s. Why is the one who was nursed for 14 months and avoided every no-no item while pregnant with her the sickest???


  1. Karma?

    I can't answer your question. I had three kids with no allergies and no ear problems, then Stretch spent his entire young life in the ENT's office. After two sets of tubes, an adenoidectomy and a last ditch tonsillectomy, I finally had the allergy testing done.

    The allergist (a personal friend) answered: We call these kids "normal but unfortunate."


    Next time you see your doctor, ask him if he would be willing to issue you a blanket note, or a note whenever your child can't go to school but doesn't need to be seen. Most docs don't mind. They think the school rules are absolutely nuts, and it's no skin off their noses to write you a note that you can just put a new date on and xerox. It's worth the asking.

  2. Thanks for the advice, I had never thought of doing that... we are going to take the smallest to the allergist at some point soon and she has already been through one set of tubes.