Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Governor Sanford (SC), We hardly knew ye...

I'm baaaack! Bronchitis and pneumonia will not keep me down, no ma'am, it just might make me lose track of the political world for a little while!

Before Friday afternoon I had no idea who Governor Sanford was, but now I am all too well acquainted with him.

So, the short story apparently is that Governor Sanford, of South Carolina, left his office on Thursday of last week without his security staff and disappeared. He then left word with his Lt. Governor apparently Sunday or Monday that he was sorry for the confusion he had caused, and he was just hiking the appalachian trail.

Fast forward to this morning, where the esteemed governor was witnessed, by a member of the media, getting off a plane at the airport in Atlanta arriving from... Buenos Aires! What??

What made the Governor believe, even for a minute, that noone would see him leaving an airport terminal?

I was going to be exceedingly supportive of his wife for having the strength to not going to the podium with him for his walk of shame. However... it turns out she allowed everyone to believe that he WAS actually hiking the Appalachian Trail, when she knew where he was and had asked for a seperation two full weeks ago.

I really do feel bad for the Governor's family, because this could have been handled so much more easily. They could have simply made a joint announcement about their seperation and moved on. Instead, it seems as though this man may have had a temporary break with reality and unwittingly ruined his future aspirations toward higher political office.

Moving on to the next political scandal...I predict we have two weeks before the next bombshell drops.


  1. Wow! That's so messed up! Talk about walking off the deep end!

    I hope you feel better - I had bronchitis and pneumonia over the winter and it most definitely kept *me* down :)

  2. @Sheila-thanks!! We are getting better every day.

  3. I have never understood the women who stand by their cheating husbands. Or the men who constantly shoot themselves in the feet (while running on family values platforms).