Monday, June 15, 2009

Guess what we did this weekend???

So internets, this weekend was supposed to be super-family friendly. We had a list of possible items for Sunday. Let's see if you can guess which one actually happened!

1. City Museum (if you read my facebook this was scheduled)
2. zoo
3. Magic House
4. Nascar Speed Park
5. so-so lunch at local mexican resteraunt and afternoon of flea market shopping.

If you guessed number 5 you win! Note to self: next time get a no prize for you! We have all alternated being sick/tired for about 6 weeks now, so this weekend was supposed to be fun, FUN, FUN!!! Not so much, dear readers. I took them all summer school shopping on Saturday and I kept thinking "I don't feel so good." Now, both the Diva and the Cookie Queen have been fighting off the damn bronchitis for another week but surely I wouldn't get that, right??? Wrong!

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a lead weight was sitting on my chest, but I am she-Woman, hear me rawr! I can do all...except I can't. We went to pick up the Diva from her friends house, and then decided it was too late to go to the City Museum and spent 20 minutes trying to get all 4 kids to agree to something local to do. They finally all agreed on Skaterz, and we headed off. My lovely partner, C, decided in mid-flight that her coughing, sneezing partner did not need to suffer that fate and detoured at the flea market.

I think the kids all had fun, I hope so and hopefully soon we will be able to have family day that does not include a trip to the ER, a pajama-fest at our house, or semi-ok mexican at the resteraunt that is now charging twice what it was last year.

And now for the coup de grace, I have enough new (new to me,anyway) books to last at least another month!


  1. NASCAR Speed Park? [Gasp!]

    Glad you had a nice time, but you skipped NASCAR SPEED PARK? [faint]

  2. If I tried to take my kids to a flea market, I'd probably get drawn and quartered.

    But then, I'd probably be happier.

  3. Yes, Syd, I skipped Nascar Speed Park. Only by force, we live about two hours away and they close at 6 on Sunday (what???).

    @ The Mother- I know, but mine found stuff to keep them busy, and I was happier :)