Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alone for the evening...

Yippee!!!!! I am alone! Totally alone, except for the doggies.

The Diva went to stay with a friend (we are babysitting her kid during the day), and the bottom three aren't home from Atlanta yet. I don't know what to do with myself, hehe!

I think I am going to watch some tv, eat some food, take some ambien and sleep like there is no tomorrow!

I am at the stage where I really don't like being around people all that much, I don't know what to say anymore. I love being able to sit down and write out my feelings and thoughts for the day, except Wow! today would have been mostly curse words.

Anyone who has never worked with an exclusively male population before, you are missing out! The joy of trying to make yourself understandable alllll day long is overwhelming. How many different ways are there to say "you have to wait for the paperwork." I leave some days feeling like I will never change anything, but others it is worth all of this.

So... now I will take a small break, order dinner (italian, yum!), and watch the tube. Y'all have a good night! :)


  1. Your comment had me in stitches. Seriously funny stuff.

  2. @ Ilexa- I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Not nearly as enjoyable as I thought it would be, but still funny. (a little)

    @ Aunt Becky- Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it, C and I still look at each other and say "cousins, sisters?" and crack up! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Days like those are perfect days for a margarita, a Xanax, or maybe both. Enjoy the alone time, girl!

  4. When did I miss the recreational prescription drugs? Wow, I'm either too old or too young for all the fun stuff. Seriously I think I was born with a female body and a male brain (but I'm cool with each, so no operations for me!) I've always understood men easier than women; I usually prefer male-targeted movies, books, and sex symbols; and I've been called a "single dad" a few times. Yet I'm straight - go figure.

    Found you through Mommy Wants Vodka (hi Becky!). Feel free to drop by ATAT anytime.

  5. I would do nearly anything to spend some time by myself.

    Hubs, however, is in one of his lovey-dovey cycles.


  6. @Merritt- Yeah, I still haven't really drank (drunk?) anything since my Dad's funeral, don't think I trust myself yet. It was a nice night though. Thanks for visiting my site! :)

    @Angie-thanks for visiting my site!Yours seemed interesting.

    @ The Mother- Unfortunately C and I work different shifts so if I want to see her I stay up until midnight or wait until the weekend, so we are almost always in one of those lovey-dovey cycles. Maybe 10 years from now it will be different.

    @ Everybody-- I love all of y'all! Finding 6 comments is like a treasure trove of happiness in the afternoon! Yeah me!!

  7. Oh gosh. When I was young (like 20) I remember distinctly thinking that I wanted to live in a commune because I wanted to be around other people allllll the time. Now - 29 years later, more and more I CRAAVVVEEEE alone time. Weird, huh? Hope you enjoyed it!

    BTW I found you thru Miss Britt (she's my daughter)

  8. @Miss Britt's mama- Thank you for visiting my site! I love Britt, and I love the comments you leave for her. You all seem very close, I know she appreciates that. I know I do.