Sunday, July 26, 2009

The joy of quiet mornings...

I love early mornings at my house. All is quiet, everyone but me is asleep.

The sun is shining, and I will not let the gray at the back of my mind take over. These are the mornings where I sit in front of the computer, with my coffee and read my favorite blogs. They are an escape for me, I have found a few new ones over the last few weeks that have really helped. They have made me laugh out loud, and I am glad. Glad to know that I am going to come around eventually, and glad to know that my sense of humor is as warped as it ever was.

This morning I got up and loaded the dishwasher, and made blueberry muffins. I know that C and the Diva will be thrilled when they get up, and it made me all the happier to have a few minutes of quiet peace. Tuesday will come, and I will go back to work, but the weekends with my family make it all worthwhile. Just thought I'd share my favorite day of the week.

What is yours?


  1. Fresh hot latte and the SUnday Times crossword.

  2. @ The mother- it sounds wonderful!! I have decided I also like Mondays simply because I get to stay home, yippee! No yippee's though for the 10 hour days I work to get that third day off.